Suichang: Broaden the thinking and attract investment accurately, strengthen the service and focus on the landing

2016-08-16 09:07:18 jcadmin 59

A few days ago, Mao Jianguo, secretary of the Suichang County Party Committee, went to the industrial park to investigate eco-industry investment attraction. He emphasized that we must unswervingly adhere to the No. 1 Project of Investment Promotion, firmly adhere to the bottom line of ecological and environmental protection, broaden our thinking, accurately attract investment, study the industry, improve the level, strengthen services, refocus on the landing, and effectively improve the effectiveness and level of investment attraction.

Suijin New Materials Co., Ltd. in Suitang Maotian block, the newly developed composite new materials are about to enter the market, and the industry prospects are optimistic. After checking workshops and samples on site, and listening to relevant introductions from enterprises, Mao Jianguo said that the R & D and production of composite new materials by enterprises is a successful exploration of transformation and upgrading. "Inviting enterprises by enterprises" is an important form of local investment attraction. Relevant departments should do well Full tracking service.

Lishui Xingchang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was listed on the New Third Board this year. At present, many institutions are negotiating with them for strategic cooperation. Mao Jianguo fully affirmed the company's active approach to the capital market and listing on the New Third Board. He said that listing on the New Third Board is a high-quality, high-efficiency, high-grade way to attract investment, and it is also the most direct, realistic, and effective investment attraction platform. It is necessary to encourage qualified SMEs to list on the New Third Board.

Afterwards, Mao Jianguo came to Zhejiang Runbaotai Special Material and Zhejiang Boyuan Bamboo Co., Ltd. in the Suichang Bridge Block to learn about the progress of the enterprise's Tengcang Bird Exchange project to revitalize idle assets.

After listening to the reports from investment promotion, business, industrial parks and other departments, Mao Jianguo fully affirmed the staged results of the investment promotion work of Suichang Industrial Enterprises, and made arrangements for the next stage of work.

Mao Jianguo emphasized that we must broaden our thinking and attract investment with precision. Focus on tax-sourced "big, good, high" projects, on the premise of keeping the bottom line of ecological and environmental protection, grasp the quality of investment promotion, pay attention to the yield per mu, cherish the land resources, and achieve ecological investment promotion; Merchants, invigorate investment, cluster investment, business invitation, platform investment "and other investment ideas, to achieve multiple investment; to comprehensively use the" full staff investment, "leader" investment, resident investment, key regional door investment "and other forms of investment, Achieve accurate investment.

Mao Jianguo pointed out that it is necessary to study the industry and raise the level. The purpose of attracting investment is to nurture industry, and ultimately to achieve catch-up development of county science by means of external force, which is especially true for Suichang. To deeply study the industrial structure and layout, industry characteristics and trends, industry support conditions, investment roadmap, through the use of strategic consulting organizations, think tanks, and other channels to study, and truly do a deep and detailed industry research, this article, make every effort to enhance investment attraction The overall level.

Mao Jianguo requested to strengthen services and focus on landing. Service is a factor of production and a supporting condition. Departments must revolve around the park, parks must revolve around enterprises, enterprises must revolve around the market, all staff must revolve around investment promotion, investment departments and personnel must be familiar with the economy, industry, policies, enterprises, and continue to carry forward the "shop small two" spirit 3. Do a good job of "nanny" service, focus on projects and services. Intentional, contracted, and projects that have not yet been put into production should be the focus of the re-emphasis on landing, truly create an atmosphere for attracting investment, and effectively improve the effectiveness of attracting investment. (Wang Haijun, Suichang County Government Office)