Suichang actively builds an industrial agglomeration system innovation demonstration park

2016-08-18 09:12:45 jcadmin 24

A few days ago, Lin Jun, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, accompanied by the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic Cooperation Office, came to Suichang to inspect and investigate the construction and investment promotion of the Suichang-Zhuji Shanhai Collaborative Industrial Park. Suichang County leaders Mao Jianguo, Shen Shishan, Zhou Limin, Zhu Hongwei and others accompanied them.

Lin Jun and his party came to the Longbanshan block in Suichang for the first time to conduct a field visit to the Suichang-Zhuji Shanhai Collaborative Industrial Park. According to Shen Shishan, deputy secretary of the Suichang County Party Committee and county magistrate, with the joint efforts of the party committees and governments of the two places, the industrial park is focused on the goals of "characteristic industry gathering area, system innovation leading area, and regional cooperation demonstration area". It has achieved remarkable results in the innovation of systems and mechanisms, infrastructure construction, and investment selection. Suichang has accelerated the construction progress of supporting projects in the industrial park from various aspects such as water, electricity, and roads, and has done a good job of ensuring infrastructure. At present, there are 3 companies in the Longbanshan block that are in trial production.

Afterwards, Lin Jun and his entourage went to Suichang SME Entrepreneurship Park, Xingchang Paper, Dexin Cast Steel, and tap water pump to check the situation. Shen Shishan introduced that after the investment in previous years, the main framework of the Shanhai Collaborative Industrial Park has been fully opened, and an industrial platform has been initially formed. Up to now, 44 industrial park projects have landed, and 1,260 mu of industrial land has been transferred. From January to July this year, the actual funds in place were 210 million yuan, 3 new projects were put into operation, 7 new construction projects were started, and 5 new landing projects were introduced. The total planned investment is 890 million yuan. At the same time, the eight targeting projects are progressing in an orderly manner, and they are striving to sign a contract before the end of the year.

Lin Jun fully affirmed the success of the construction of Suichang-Zhuji Shanhai Collaborative Industrial Park, and believed that Suichang has been awarded the first prize of the Shanhai Collaborative Industrial Park for three consecutive years. Lin Jun said that the leadership of Suichang attaches great importance to it, the party members and cadres are full of energy, and the work of standardization construction of industrial parks, mechanism and system innovation, investment attraction and other work is strong. , Obvious results. At the same time, Lin Jun hopes that Suichang will continue to increase investment attraction, explore innovative systems and mechanisms, create a better investment environment, and advance the construction of Suichang-Zhuji Shanhai Collaborative Industrial Park to a higher level. (Cao Junjie, Suichang County Government Office)