Shi Jixi emphasized in the investigation of Suochang in Songyang that he always follows the important order of "especially so" and concentrate on accelerating the creation of a "big garden"

2017-06-08 10:02:53 jcadmin 571

Yesterday, Shi Jixi, secretary of the municipal party committee, went to Songyang County and Suichang County to investigate. He emphasized that Lishui is full of beautiful mountains and clear waters, and it is necessary to base on green ecology as the biggest foundation and the greatest advantage. It always follows the "especially so" important entrustment, and accelerates the creation of "large gardens" in Zhejiang and even the Yangtze River Delta, as Lishui deeply practices the "two mountains" Theory, the main goal of promoting green development, strive to achieve intensive and efficient production space, moderate livable living space, and beautiful scenery of ecological space, so that the people have more sense of happiness.

During the interview, Shi Jixi went to Qishang Village, Sheqiao Township, Banqiao Township, Xing Village, Banxi Township, Songshi Village, Gushi Town, Shimenxu Village, Zhaitan Township, County Automobile Comprehensive Service Center and Zhejiang Kai, Suichang County. En Battery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xinhong Steel Products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Boyuan Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hengda Rail Profile Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yongshang Special Material Co., Ltd., Lishui Xingchang New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Suin Jin Composite Materials Co., Ltd. and other places have a detailed understanding of the progress of the work of beautiful economy development, integrated development of farming and tourism, rapid relocation, grassroots organization change, "Lishui Mountain Farming" brand construction, key project construction, and ecological industry.

In early summer, the land is surrounded by green mountains and green water, and the scenery is beautiful step by step. Shi Jixi emphasized that Lishui is an important core area for creating a "large garden", and it is necessary to raise the benchmark in accordance with the "especially high" level, high standards, and high requirements, and become the first large garden, large park, and large scenic spot. It is necessary to create a "big garden" from a global, comprehensive, and all-round perspective, strengthen ecological consciousness and ecological self-confidence, focus on the integration of farming and tourism, and strive to achieve the "three beauty" integration of beautiful environment, beautiful economy, and beautiful ecology. "Green water and green hills" become "Jinshan Yinshan", so that the people's pockets can be happy and their lives can be comfortable.

To take the lead in creating the Lishui Garden, we must always adhere to the first priority of development, firmly adhere to the ecological red line, and on the basis of unwavering adherence to the environment, take ecological industry as the focus of the ecological economy, further accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and walk out of the "Teng "Cage for birds" "Phoenix Nirvana" new way. Shi Jixi pointed out that it is necessary to target tasks, face up to real data, serve enterprises more accurately, and work harder and more precisely to solve problems when problems are found. It is necessary to cultivate local enterprises and local talents, enhance the internal strength of development, and at the same time grasp investment promotion to consolidate the stamina of development, realize the "borrow ladder" and ensure that the goal of "more than half of the time and more than half of the tasks" is achieved in the first half of the year, and hand in satisfactory "interim answers" .

Took the lead in creating the Lishui Garden, the people should have more sense of happiness and security. The flood season is approaching, and the masses of potential hazards of geological disasters make Shi Jixi care. In Rapupu New Village, Gushi Town, Songyang County, Shi Jixi learned in detail about the construction of the raft shop geological disaster resettlement community project, and the progress of the "big move and quick governance" and "control of dangerous demolition". He emphasized that the whole city should be extremely responsible to the people to ensure that the people in the hidden point are all moved out before the specified time, to ensure that the houses in the hidden point are promptly and promptly demolished, to ensure that the people who move out are safe and live well, and live comfortably and safely. Good day.

Took the lead in creating the Lishui Grand Garden, which must have a more solid organizational guarantee. Shi Jixi emphasized that we should take the opportunity of the village community organization transition as an opportunity to solidly promote the institutionalization of the normalization of the "two studies and one action" learning education, and consolidate the grassroots foundation. The new village cadres must have new goals and new weather, be the first to set a good example, and set a good example. Benchmark, take the initiative to lead the masses to become rich, and increase the collective income of the village, becoming the leader of the rich villagers.

City leader Xu Guangwen accompanied the investigation in Suichang.