Notice on Recognizing Advanced Individuals in Statistical Work such as the "Four-Shang Enterprise" in 2016

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      In 2016, under the leadership of the county party committee and county government and the guidance of higher-level statistical departments, our county ’s statistical work gave full play to the functions of statistical information, consultation and supervision, and provided true and reliable statistical information and consultation for the scientific decision-making of party and government leaders The service has effectively promoted the smooth development of various statistical work in the county.

      In order to encourage advancement, set an example, and further promote the county's statistical work to a new level, according to the "Suichang County Statistics Bureau" four enterprises "and other statistical personnel business evaluation methods" (Sui Tongfa [2015] No. 57), combined with the whole The statistical work of the county's "four enterprises" and other statisticians in 2016, after comprehensive evaluation, selected 148 advanced statistical work in 2016, of which 55 were excellent and 93 were good. It is hoped that the vast majority of statistical staff throughout the county will take the commended advanced individuals as an example, work solidly, be pioneering, and make greater contributions to continue to advance the county's statistical work to a higher level.

Attachment: List of advanced individuals in statistical work such as the “Four-Shang Enterprise” in 2016

Suichang County Statistics Bureau

March 20, 2017

List of advanced individuals in statistical work such as “Four Upswing Enterprises” in 2016

1. Industrial enterprises above designated size

1. Excellent (10)

Shao Meijun Zhejiang Yuanli Metal Products Group Co., Ltd.

Chen Xiaoli Zhejiang Kane Special Materials Co., Ltd.

Chen Yan Zhejiang Limin Chemical Co., Ltd.

Du Gemei Zhejiang Suichang Huijin Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd.

Zheng Shenglong Zhejiang Yonglian Civil Explosive Equipment Co., Ltd. Suichang Yongxin Branch

Fang Mei Zhejiang Kane Battery Co., Ltd.

Shao Meijun Zhejiang Xinhong Steel Products Co., Ltd.

Xia Yiwei Zhejiang Suijin Special Casting Co., Ltd.

Pan Qingqing Suichang Dongcheng Building Material Co., Ltd.

Zhong Fayuan Suichang Dexin Cast Steel Co., Ltd.

2. Good (18 people)

Wu Minyan State Grid Zhejiang Suichang County Power Supply Company

Wu Yuehua Zhejiang Okamoto Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Wu Fengli Zhejiang Rongkai Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Weng Chunmu Suichang Lvyuan Wood Co., Ltd.

Zhang Gangshui Zhejiang Suichang Gold Mine Co., Ltd.

Zhang Shengjie Zhejiang Pingchang Mining Development Co., Ltd.

Li Juan Zhejiang Suichang Zhengzhong Yingshi Selection Co., Ltd.

Li Junting Zhejiang Aoli Machinery Co., Ltd.

Lin Wenyu Zhejiang Longchuan Water Resources and Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Luo Meirong Zhejiang Likang Shoes Material Co., Ltd.

Chen Xiaohong Suichang Jiulongshan Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Li Hongxiang Lishui Xingchang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Chi Feng Zhejiang Hongji Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Lian Suping Suichang Zhougongyuan Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Wu Huiping Zhejiang Liangtai Precision Forging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shi Xuedan Suichang Xinwu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Chen Dong Suichang Xingyu Tourism Products Co., Ltd.

Liu Li Zhejiang Dadelong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

2. Wholesale, retail, accommodation and catering enterprises above designated size

1. Excellent (15)

Fang Junli Suichang Kaixing Business Management Co., Ltd.

Yu Xin Suinwang E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Wang Fangwen Zhejiang Tongchang Economic and Trade Co., Ltd.

Wang Meixin Suichang Yonghui Electromechanical Equipment Wujiaohua Co., Ltd.

Tang Yuchang Suichang Overseas Chinese Tianyi Hotel

Chen Xiaoli Zhejiang Kane Paper Sales Co., Ltd.

Wu Zhenhua Suichang Jiuyuan Fluorite Trading Co., Ltd.

Xu Baohua Hongxingping Hot Spring Resort Co., Ltd., Suichang County, Zhejiang Province

Lai Huirong Suichang Zhu's Tea Professional Cooperative

Sun Hongxia Suichang County Alpine Name Management Department

Zhou Shuixiu Suichang Shenlong Wufeng Tea Professional Cooperative

Lan Aimei Suichang Cao Xie Chang Porridge Catering Co., Ltd.

Ying Congping Zhejiang Badai Xiongcheng Trading Co., Ltd.

Zhang Huifen Suichang Wanjia Trading Company

Xu Cuihe Suichang Tangshan Hongdou Farmhouse Restaurant

2. Good (21 people)

Lai Xiaohong Zhejiang Suichang Xinhua Bookstore Co., Ltd.

Lan Lei Suichang Zhirong Farmhouse Reception Center

Ye Meihua Suichang Cucumber Farmhouse Restaurant

Xie Chunfu Suichang Zhenong Food Development Co., Ltd.

Qiu Lihong Suichang People Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Cao Juying Suichang Yuanli International Hotel Co., Ltd.

Lei Jinfa Lishui Xinjia Chemical Co., Ltd.

Yu Yali Suichang Berlin Grand Hotel Co., Ltd.

Zhong Jumei Suichang Minfeng Fuel Liquefied Petroleum Gas Co., Ltd.

Liu Yinchun Suichang Changlian Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Xu Zhihua Suichang Hotel

Zou Haiyan Suichang Jice Shudao E-commerce Co., Ltd.

Tang Zihua Suichang Shijia Office Equipment Co., Ltd.

Chen Fuying Zhejiang SF Trading Coal Co., Ltd.

Lan Aiqin Xiangli Computer Co., Ltd.

Wang Aiping Lishui Shunda Civil Explosive Equipment Co., Ltd.

Tu Xiaohong Suichang Naran Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Fang Jingshan Suichang Weikang Bamboo Charcoal Development Co., Ltd.

Zhang Gangshui Suichang Jiangnan Rare and Precious Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

Ma Li Suichang Tanggong Restaurant

Wu Xinwei Suichang Shenlong Valley Sisters Farmhouse Restaurant

3. Service enterprises above designated size

1. Excellent (4 people)

Wang Zhen Suichang County State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd.

Xu Zhangzhu Suichang Shenjian Security Service Co., Ltd.

Li Fengxiang Suichang County Highway Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd.

Weng Jianfang Suichang Kane Property Management Co., Ltd.

2. Good (8 people)

Zeng Sasai Suichang Gold Mine Park Co., Ltd.

Li Qiaoqiao Suichang County Tourism Development Company

Xu Tongmei Suichang Jielida Transportation Co., Ltd.

Qiu Junjie Zhejiang Suichang Sanli Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wu Shuihua Suichang Huashu Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd.

Zhou Jianhua Zhejiang Suichang Huajin Logistics Co., Ltd.

Zhong Yanping Zhejiang Suichang Baixin Advertising Co., Ltd.

Zhou Liyan Zhejiang Kaiyu Logistics Co., Ltd.

4. Qualified construction enterprises and real estate development enterprises

1. Excellent (8 people)

Tian Peiqiang Suichang Nanfang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tang Qiaolin Zhejiang Lihua Blasting Engineering Co., Ltd.

Wu Guang Lishui Zhengzheng Construction Co., Ltd.

Wang Zhiying Zhejiang Huize Municipal Garden Engineering Co., Ltd.

Wang Xiaoli Zhejiang Kane Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Lu Meng Suichang Kaijin Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Zhang Caihong Suichang Tianjin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Tian Peiqiang Zhejiang Suichang Chengxing Real Estate Co., Ltd.

2. Good (17 people)

Li Haiying Zhejiang Lishui Taihao Municipal Garden Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Wu Rongying Suichang Suishui Pipeline Installation Co., Ltd.

Zeng Shuijuan Suichang Jiuyang Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Ji Yiqing Suichang Mingsheng Electric Co., Ltd.

Lei Yujing Zhejiang Ouye Garden Construction Co., Ltd.

Yin Huijing Suichang Feihe Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Fan Xiaoping Lishui Jincheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Chen Linu Lishui Lichi Municipal Garden Co., Ltd.

Zhang Xiangmei Zhejiang Luobang Construction Co., Ltd.

Yan Tianping Zhejiang Kaixing Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Ye Liyong Suichang Shangcheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Liu Yinchun Suichang Lianju Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Guo Zhuji Suichang Juxin Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd.

Du Yong Suichang Chengfa Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Zhu Liying Suichang Jinhu Tourism Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Mao Zongsheng Suichang Luobang Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Jin Rongchu Lishui Golden Sun Real Estate Co., Ltd.

V. Investment in fixed assets

1. Excellent (18)

Chen Genya Zhejiang Rongkai Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Gao Yaping Suichang County Urban Construction Development Co., Ltd.

Lin Xiaochun Suichang County Water Supply and Drainage Co., Ltd.

Wu Minyan Suichang County Power Supply Company

Wu Qibin Zhejiang Suichang Dongcheng Construction Co., Ltd.

Yang Xiaojun Xifan Township People's Government of Suichang County

Yin Zhimei Zhejiang Yongshang Special Material Co., Ltd.

Yu Liping Dazhe Town People's Government of Suichang County

Weng Limei People's Government of Shilian Town, Suichang County

Zhou Yiying Suichang Jiulong Cultural Creative Co., Ltd.

Wang Xiaoping Zhejiang Baolian Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

Zeng Sasai Suichang Gold Mine Park Co., Ltd.

Deng Shilong Zhejiang Suichang Yiyuan Laochuanmu Cultural Promotion Co., Ltd.

Xie Su'e Zhejiang Suichang Guichengfeng Trading Company

Chen Shengfei Zhejiang Shengjie Rubber Co., Ltd.

Wu Liling Zhejiang Huijin Coating Co., Ltd.

Deng Zhixiang Zhejiang Suichang and Yangshan-Haihai Collaborative Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd.

Chu Jiying Zhejiang Suijin Composite Material Co., Ltd.

2. Good (29 people)

Bao Jianfeng Zhejiang Dadongding New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Chen Zhaowei Suichang Xiwei Carbon Industry Co., Ltd.

Jiang Xianlian Suichang Sihe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Lai Huijuan Suichang County Natural Gas Co., Ltd.

Lan Lei People's Government of Gaoping Township, Suichang County

President Chen Zhejiang Dajinzhuang Mining Co., Ltd.

Li Juan Zhejiang Suichang Zhengzhong Yingshi Selection Co., Ltd.

Shao Meijun Zhejiang Xinheng Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Tang Yalin Zhejiang Boyuan Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd.

Tu Wenquan Suichang Hongchang Mining Development Co., Ltd.

Wu Rizheng People's Government of Wangcunkou Town, Suichang County

Xie Weihong Suichang Hengtai Stone Industry Co., Ltd.

Yu Huanxia Suichang Fenghe Agricultural Products Development Co., Ltd.

Zheng Yuehua Suichang Lvyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Li Zhenfeng Suichang Rehabilitation Hospital Co., Ltd.

Yang Xiao Zhejiang Yingxin Mining Co., Ltd.

Xu Junxiang Zhejiang Suichang Aomei Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Tang Aidi Suichang Boya Traditional Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Tian Peiqiang Suichang Shanju Years Health and Leisure Co., Ltd.

Hu Yehong Zhejiang Jianye Investment Co., Ltd.

Chen Ning Zhejiang Kaixing New Energy Co., Ltd.

Fu Lichun Zhejiang Suichang Zhuolun Celluloid Co., Ltd.

Weng Xiuqiong Suichang Naran Tourism Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Lin Weili Suichang Xinding Special Casting Co., Ltd.

Mao Hongying Zhejiang Suichang Aoda Clothing Co., Ltd.

Pan Qingqing Suichang Dongxin Stone Industry Co., Ltd.

Zhang Yan Zhejiang Xingfeng Special Material Co., Ltd.

Jiang Li Suichang Shunda Stone Co., Ltd.

Song Yongli Zhejiang Shuangcai New Material Co., Ltd.